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happy birthday youngbae!#27hbd_taeyang

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Underrated fan service enthusiast. This is YB with fans. Nobody but fans. Whether you’re a girl, boy, 2 legged or 4 legged, he will love you. He will let you walk him out the airport and reach out to take your gifts or allow you to place them in his bag. He will discreetly stop for selcas if the situation allows it. Hugs? Yes. You don’t leave without going in for a hug because his hugs are the best kind. When it’s too crowded and he can’t stop for photos or signatures, he gets to the car, turns around and starts waving around and blowing kisses before the security or manager rushes him in. If you’re nearest to the car, expect some form of contact. If he’s in the car, he’s gonna wind down the window and shake your hand or sign somemore. Don’t worry about him not reading your letters, he does it the very next second he gets some time alone before checking in for his flight. He probably reads them in his free time else where too. Let’s not forget that he is also the guy that purposely takes one too many trips to the toilet, just so that the fans waiting around can get a good view/video while he waves or smiles at them. If he doesn’t wave, best believe he’s gonna look at you, make eye contact with you for awhile for no reason and walk off. He will look out for you, even if he’s in a crowd filled with the world’s most famous people.

This is Dong Youngbae.

Thank you for being that man that always makes his fans feel important and for always holding the kindest and sweetest disposition. You have a huge and giving heart. You hardly ever turn away from a fan who calls out your name. A role model to look up to, teaching us how to be humble and living life like how we want to and not to match society’s expectations. To love the people that love us and appreciating everyone for who they are. I will always, ALWAYS be proud to be your fan, Dong Youngbae. Happy blessed birthday. You are one fine (in every sense of the word), young man. Keep shining


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happy 27th birthday, youngbae! in the past 5 years, you’ve made me so proud of you, you changed only to become even better and you somehow inspired me to change too. you’re such a wonderful human being and i honestly wish you to be the happiest person in the world because you deserve it so much. i’ll stick by your side till the end. i love you and miss you. thank you for everything. thank you for being my support, for helping me to get through hardship. keep making me proud, i know you will ♡ #happyTAEYANGday

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gdyb; forever appearing in each other’s music videos

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My name is T to the A to the E to the Y to the A N G

Don’t stop baby don’t kill my vibe

Because I like how things are going right

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Shirtless Bae.

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